Kolyn Garden 高林花园
Kolyn Garden 高林花园
Kolyn Garden 高林花园
Kolyn Garden 高林花园
Kolyn Garden 高林花园
Kolyn Garden 高林花园

Kolyn Garden

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Featured Description

All houses here are 2-storey villas with same interior designing as Green Lake Garden which are steel framing homes and wood structure. Highly resistant to earthquake, fire, hurricane, termite, humidity and corrosion. Wide open and spacious living room with full front yard and rear yard landscaping with automatic sprinkler system. It is a developer owned compound. All the houses here are for rent to expat families. Biggest size is up to 320sqm, with 6 bedrooms. The advantage of this compound is for its amount of bedrooms, normally 5 bedrooms is already a lot for villa compounds in Suzhou, 4 bedroom for villa compound is more common. The considerate management service cause there are only 14 houses to take care the good quality of the houses. The disadvantage of this compound is its surrounding area around it is local high-rise apartments with ugly outlook. If you don’t mind to live a real Chinese life, watching real Chinese daily life, this place will be a good choice.

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management
  • Fully furnished
  • Children's Playground



Located at No.200 Donggang compound, near the cross road of Xiandai avenue and Xinghang street.



Disclaimer: The property information and pictures are only for your reference. The availability of all properties shown on website must be verified with the landlord, due to the rate of market turnover is very high.
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