Royal Lakefront 中海御湖熙岸
Royal Lakefront 中海御湖熙岸
Royal Lakefront 中海御湖熙岸
Royal Lakefront 中海御湖熙岸

Royal Lakefront

¥ 20,000-30,000/month Enquiry now

Featured Description

Private owned high-rising apartments and townhouses. Phase I finished in 2005, Phase II in 2008 while Phase III in 2010. Located on Shuifang Road, the southwest corner of Jin Ji Lake, across the street to Li Gong Di commercial street. Developed by Zhonghai property development company which is famous on property market. It is divided into three phases, while phase 1 is high-rising apartments, phase 2 is townhouse compound, phase 3 is luxury villa compound. European style architecture. Some apartments are enjoying great Jinji lake view. Townhouses are all 3 floors with basement, completed in 2008. Individually owned, with different style of interior decoration. Some amount of the houses are still without interior decoration. Most of the houses for rent on the market is with floor heating. The garden of the house is small. It is comparatively new villa compound in west side of the lake.

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management
  • Gym
  • Children's Playground


LAYOUT: 4 Bedrooms
SIZE: 240-300 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥20,000-25,000
LAYOUT: 5 Bedrooms
SIZE: 360-360 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥30,000-30,000


No.89, Xing Zhou Street, SIP, Suzhou



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