Top Lakeview 东方春晓
Top Lakeview 东方春晓
Top Lakeview 东方春晓
Top Lakeview 东方春晓

Top Lakeview

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Featured Description

Located at Furong street, the west of Jin Ji Lake. Just 2min walking distance to the Rainbo Walk commercial plaza and Jinji lake green area. Top Lake View has 47 detached units with big green garden, of which 13 houses are for rent. These units are capacious and simple Oriental-styled villas. The compound is very spacious with big public green area. All the units decorated very differently by individual owners. All the houses are with 2 floors. The advantage is its fantastic location, and its big size, biggest for rent is up to 460sqm.The disadvantage is it is also one of the oldest house compounds on market, with comparatively older style of interior decoration, and most of the houses for rent is without floor heating.

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management
  • Gym
  • Children's Playground



No.68 Fu Rong Street, SIP, Suzhou



5min walking distance to Metro Line 1 station Dongfangzhimen(Gate of the Orient)
2min walking distance to Rainbo Walk Plaza and Jinji Lake
15min walking distance to Singa Plaza.

Disclaimer: The property information and pictures are only for your reference. The availability of all properties shown on website must be verified with the landlord, due to the rate of market turnover is very high.
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+86 139 5240 2024
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